Ch Spinillons Rebel Rowser JW SH CM Toy Puppy Group 1 SWKA 2011
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Spinillons  Papillon and Phalene UK, Where Honesty, High Standards,
Quality,  Soundness and Condition Don’t Just Count.....
TOP BREEDER & TOP OWNER 2013 (pap club rules )
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Ch.Spinillons Rebel Rowser JW SH CM CW14  & Jo After Rebel
Wins Toy Puppy Group 1 at SWKA aged 9 months!
How it Began ..........
And Now!!!!! ------>
"I have virtues which others may deem vices. Virtues which guide me and together have
made me. I embrace pain, suffering and sacrifice, and gain strength from obsession. It is
true they have given me scars that I know will never fade, but for that, I am grateful,
because they show me what is within me, and what is within reach of me. And through all
of this I live each day without compromise, without regret, and without excuse. So as I
endure the misfortune which lies in my path, I chase down my vision without diversion or
retreat and in the pursuit of my passions I am neither timid or afraid . I am relentless and
I will accept no half measures."     
          Relentless Quote I love and stand by!